Playground membrane structure

Membrane structure have more features:Membrane structure shape changeable,most of the membrane structure is very lively and beautiful. It breaks the dullness of traditional architectural forms, is very tension and sculptural, and is one of the most modern architectural forms.

  • Name :Playground membrane structure
  • Main frame :Q235 steel frame
  • Size : Customized Size
  • Roof Cover : 1100 g/sqm PVDF coated cover polyseter


Membrane Structures Application:

     Architecture membrane structures are widely used in our daily life,such as villa area,scenic area,gym,car parking, toll,sch-ool,basketball court,tennis court,pingpong court,commercial building architectureal membrane and landmarking facility,stre-et shop,commerical street,Cafe,Bar,Tea house,Hotel,Corridor,and lots of entertainment venue,ect.


Main frame

Q235 steel frame
Surface treatment method
Hot-dip galvanized steel


Fabric cover

Double 1100g/sqm PVDF-coated polyester tensile
100% waterproof,UV resistant, tear resistant
Flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM

condition Allowed temperature

-30 degree Celsius~+70 degree Celsius

Wind load

≥120km/h (lever 12)

Snow load


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