Indoor Electric Retractable Gym Bleachers

  • Model Number:Customized
  • Material:Steel
  • Color:Optional
  • Certificate:ISO9001,TUV, CE
  • Packing:EPE & Weaving Sack or wooden carton
  • Type:manual/ electric telescopic bleachers
  • Size:personalized size
  • Usage:more than 20years
  • Warranty:5 Years


Retractable bleachers or telescopic bleachers, is a kind of automatic stretchable seating system used in small floor space.
When bleachers are stretched out, the outstretched chairs on the steps enable spectators to sit on comfortably and enjoy a visual feast. As the bleacher system is contracted as a drawer, it saves space for you to plan other activities. Retractable bleachers makes most of the limited room and satisfy various seating needs under different situations! 

Wheel bed
115x50x3mm bending plates
Frame beam
50x3 mm steel
Post beam
80x40x2 mm, 100x50x3mm steel
C- shaped beam
180x50x3.2 mm cold bent plates
Oblique lever
50x2 mm steel
0.55 kw, 4 pole, 3 phase motor
Driving wheels
127x65mm polyurethane iron core wheel
T=18mm laminated splint or plywood
127x32 mm polyurethane
High back foldable seats with/ without handrail, blow mode HDPE
Support wheels
30x30 mm nylon
Cycloid needle round type reduce i=187
Lock device
T= 4 steel plate




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